What kind of acting I want to do?

I have a very precise vision of my work. And life, too :).

Like we all know, performances and films are meant to bring something to our lives.

It can be a set of new ideas, or questions that arise in us while watching.

It may be also a dose of sincere childish laught, emotional tears, or other emotions – which can be released in us – thanks to a specific picture you saw.

Regardless of the felling and thoughts during the play,

I really love this feeling, when I leave the cinema or theater and I feel the power to change something in my life … to live a better & fuller life

… and my goal is to give people the opportunity to touch their deeper emotions and thoughts…

I really want to teach myself, and the others too, how to consciously create our lifes.

Through my inner sense of harmony and the transformation (changes of our views, patterns or actions)of my film and theatrical characters – inspire myself and other people to have the courage to change, to be able to live better and in harmony with our hearts… :).