I was born in Stockholm. Swedish language is as close to me as Polish. I was living there for over 6 years. The idea of ​​becoming an actress was born so early, that I can’t even remember when. As a toddler, I was already going to the music school – for piano lessons, to the vocal studio – for singing & dancing lessons, and to the theater school – in every free moment.

The Acting&Improvisation School of Jan and Halina Machulski – was my first serious acting school. It was really good time full of lessons in many various directions, mainly in movement improvisation. I was lucky to meet teachers like Ilona Trybuła, Marysia Stokłosa, Aitana Cordeo, or Katie Duck.

After graduating, we landed with our team at The Wola Theater. I was working there for over 1,5 year (2008 / 2009-2010).

At the same time, when I started my studies at the acting school, I was simultaneously studying clinical psychology at SWPS in Warsaw. I’ve finished this chapter of my life with a thesis entitled “Obsessive vs harmonious passion in the actor’s environment and motivation to work in this profession”. Such a small thing at the end to better combine my passions … 😉

PWST Krakow.

In 2010 – a memorable moment !!! I passed the exams for my dream university. Literally, my dream one. This was not the first attempt to get there, but my third one.

I know, there are no cases and life brings us exactly what is best for us for now … but sometimes it’s really hard to remember about this…

The whole 2010 was extremely intense for me. Simultaneously with going to school, I was taking part in the performance “Carson City”, directed by Wojtek Faruga, which was hosted in various Warsaw theaters for many months. In 2011, we were invited to join to a beautiful adventure in which we took part of in several theater festivals: in Brazil, Canada and Riga.

In 2013 I decided to direct my passion connected with psychology and I found the best way to work with my & my patients subconscious mind and habits. It was meditation and conscious work with the body.

To this day, I’m learning how to inspire others and myself to become who we want to be.

In 2014 I joined to the wonderful team of trainers – Youth Zone from SWPS in Warsaw, and I started to conduct psychoeducational workshops for high school students. The workshops and young people we met during this job – were a great inspiration to develop a whole range of workshops combining psychology with theater and film.

Another important stage in my life was my friendship with Agata Wrońska, who runs the Vocal Studio SWAW. It was the place, where I trained voice emission and singing. After some time, I started to work there as a trainer – I was teaching body awareness & stage and movement art.

In 2018, the time has come to set up my own studio. Together with my partner Rafał, we’ve created a holistic place for body and spirit in Warsaw’s Żoliborz. I regularly conduct individual sessions, group meditations and workshops there. Our space, called Dobre Miejsce (www.facebook.com/dobremiejscee) is also open for cooperation with people with a similar visions, who are looking for a place to create theirs goals and inspire others (massages, yoga, therapeutic sessions and development workshops).

What do I do every day? In addition to my beloved work, being an actress, a meditation teacher, a trainer and a therapist, I fulfill my three equally important passions: being a mom, traveling and sports. In every free moment I grab my backpack and go to see new place, new culture, new people, new flavors, smells and colors. It regenerates and drives me like hardly anything in the world. In sport, however, boards of all kinds win: snowboarding, kitesurfing – of which the latter has the place closest to my heart 😉 If I don’t have the opportunity to jump on the board, then probably an alternative will be yoga, swimming, horse riding, or squash :).